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GREAT NEWS! The HEFLIN mailing list is up. There is no cost. Rootsweb
does work on contributions, however, in case anyone is so inclined.

For those unfamiliar with mailing lists, it is like an email
subscription list devoted to Heflin researchers who wish to share
information or ask questions of other Heflin researchers. Anyone
subscribed can post to the list and everyone subscribed will see the
messages and may answer if they like.

To subscribe to the list in mail mode, send a message to that contains in the body of the message
the word subscribe and nothing else. (No subject line, please!)
If you prefer digest mode (instead of getting each message as it's
posted, you get all the messages for a day in one neatly compact
message) send a message instead to that
contains in the body of the message the word subscribe. (No subject
line please.)

To post to both HEFLIN-L and HEFLIN-D, messages should be sent to Messages sent there will appear both places.

They haven't updated the rootsweb mailing list page yet, but the Heflin
list should soon be listed at the following address:

For general information on Rootsweb mailing lists, go to

Please forward this message to anyone you know who might like to
subscribe. I am really excited and am sure that it will be of great
help to a great number of us.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Jennie Scott